Sweetwater regimen

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Love said, “That would destroy the whole Sweetwater regimen, destroy the Platte, and destroy the Powder River, all for coal in the Powder River Basin-a slurry pipeline or something of the sort. It’s very much on the books. If they go in for the gasification of coal, they’re going to need it. It’s known as the transbasin diversion of the Green River. The water has fluorine in it. Wherever it gets into the ground, it can pollute the water table in ten to fifteen years. The river also picks up sodium from trona. In the town of Green River, the sodium in the drinking water greatly exceeds E.P.A. standards. If they decide to pipe the water over the Continental Divide, water quality could be lowered in the Powder River Basin to the point of needing a desalinization plant.” We moved on toward Green River, where the most spectacular suite of roadcuts and rock exposures anywhere on Interstate So contained in its sediments the history of these evils. Dark mountains, spread low across the horizon, might have been a storm coming on-and in a sense they zakelijke energie were, or had been. They were the Overthrust Belt, cumulate from the west. Looking north to the even more distant Gros Ventres and Wind Rivers, and south to tl1e high cirques of the Uintas, we were encompassing in a wide glance about sixteen thousand square miles of land, much of it so dry, stacked flat like crumbling hardtack, tl1at only a geologist could absorb such a scene and see in it a lake that would rank seventh in the world. In the Eocene, when the lake existed, tl1e appearance of North America approached its present form. The journey from New York
to Paris may have been eight hundred miles shorter than it is now, but the North Atlantic was a maturing ocean. The Appalachians were much higher. There were no Great Lakes. There was no westerly rise to the Great Plains. The foreland ranges of the Rockies had pooched out from their sea-level platform, and west-running rivers zakelijke energie vergelijken were flowing around them to pool against the overthrust mountains. In California there was no Sierra, in Nevada and Utah no mountains of the Basin and Range-only moist gentle country coming in from the Pacific Coast.